About Trish

I’m so glad you stopped by the blog to see what I’ve been up to lately! The photo above is of my husband Joe and I while we were on our honeymoon in Greece last May. We stayed two weeks and got to see Athens, Delphi, Vouliagmeni, most of Crete and the picturesque Santorini. We were married in April, ’10 here in Austin and moved into our new house once we were back from Greece. I gave Joe a boxer puppy for his wedding gift, and we are happy animal parents to a loving Bengal cat, and two sweet dogs who you can see on the blog.

I’m originally from the midwest (St. Louis area) and moved to Austin when I was 20, which was about 13 years ago. I love Austin and just can’t imagine living anywhere else. Well, OK, except maybe NYC – but only if I had a crap load of money and could  see/go/eat everywhere and do everything I wanted all while having a huge place to live. Are you laughing hysterically yet? I could happily live a comfortable life in New York for a couple of years, but my heart truly found a home in Texas for many reasons. Plus, I hate LOATHE cold weather. Don’t even think about saying the ‘S’ word around me. I’m serious people! Give me a beach, the sun, and a frosty beverage with an umbrella in it any day over that please.

Art has always seemed to come naturally to me. My mom is a beautiful painter and can craft just about anything you might need for a wedding. I picked up the crafting gene from her, but not so much the painting gene. For example – my rendition of a goldfish can easily be mistaken for a pitiful blob of yellow-orange goo. I’m going to guess I get that from dad. My mom shot film when I was a kid – you may never have seen one but the kind of camera that had a flash cube – and I loved sneaking in some photos when I could. Many years and cameras later, I picked up my first ‘real’ digital camera in 2007 (a Canon of course!) and have never looked back.

I hope you enjoy the blog and would love it if you left some comments for me. Raves and criticism alike are welcome, I’m just glad you took the time to visit!